Ok so straight up, I love Fifty Shades. The books have brought nothing but joy to my life and I love the films just as much. So I couldn’t wait to see Fifty Shades Free. Would it be as good as the other two?

In a nutshell yes!

What happens?

Fifty Shades Freed opens with the couple exchanging marriage vows in front of their family and closest friends before jetting off on their lavish honeymoon. Think yachts, private jets, and having the ride (sorry, making love!) with the Eiffel Tower in full view. Imagine… However, their honeymoon is cut short as the evil Jack Hyde returns for revenge. He breaks into Christian’s office and sets up an evil plot to try and to ruin all the Grey family.

Meanwhile Ana and Christian’s relationship hits a few bumps along. Ana is still working as a fiction editor at a publishing house and trying to stay as independent as she can. You go girl! Something the ever controlling Christian isn’t very happy about it. Their relationship is frayed to the point that when Christian discovers Ana’s pregnant it’s Mrs Robinson he runs to instead of his wife. Not a great time to also be dealing with a lunatic hellbent on getting revenge.

Are there any dirty bits?

Don’t worry though, it’s not all drama and suspicion, there’s still a lot of sexual activity going on.  The films have stayed true to the books so you’ll still find Ana chained up, wondering if it’s time to use her safe word.  Just now the sexy bits aren’t the only action, as Fifty Shades Freed is full of car chases in sporty Audi R8s, guns and a few slaps. Not only not in a BSDM way.

Ok so there were a few cringe moments that had the whole cinema in tears laughing, but I also found myself shedding a little tear at the end. I’m a sucker for Ana and Christian’s love story. I may be bias but this is a true love story with a little bit of BSDM. Christian is still is usual dom-controlling-self, but when the going gets tough and the thought of losing Ana again him, his sweeter side comes out for the first time. Finally, the lost little boy becomes and a husband and a father. What an absolute dream boat.


However, all good things must come to an end I suppose.


Fifty Shades Freed is in all Irish cinemas now