Because ain't nobody got time for bad sex

Relationships are all about give and take and while it might be obvious who's the giver and who's the taker when it comes to doing the cooking or the washing up... it might be a little harder to spot in the bedroom. Here’s how to spot if your bae is a little inconsiderate during sexy time and what to do about it.

There’s Little To No Foreplay

Just like we’d do a light jog before playing a GAA match, we need a little warm up - and no, a quick kissing sesh isn’t suffice.

It’s His Way Or The Highway

We all have our favourite positions and while his favourites are great, would it really kill him to try something a little different?

He Never Goes Down On You

We’re not asking for much, especially when we’re no strangers to going down on them and look, we get it. Nobody should ever do something in the bedroom they’re not comfortable with but if your fella just couldn’t be arsed returning the favour then err...BOY BYE!

He Doesn’t Look After Himself

When we know that date night is gonna leave us hot and sweaty, we whack out the razor and make a big effort so our bra and knicker match but if you bae isn’t bothered to even take a shower or put on his nice pants, he ain’t the one.

He’s A Fast Finisher

Look, we’ve all been there. We get a bit too excited or it’s just been ages and it all just goes a bit quick but when he treats sex like he’s Usain Bolt running the 100 Meters Race...jog on pal, jog on.

It’s All Over When The Fat Lady Sings

Or, in this case, it’s all over when the selfish boy cums. He starts getting dressed or goes to sleep and we are left there with nothing but the feeling of disappointment.

He Doesn’t Help Cleaning Up

It’s just like when it comes to doing the dishes, he’s nowhere to be seen. A true gent is the kind that hands you a lukewarm toilette when you’re both done.

He Doesn’t See The Problem

Communication is key when it comes to your relationship - both in and outside the bedroom. So when you tell him that he’s not been pleasing you lately and either just brushes you off or gives you an ‘Oh, I’ll try more’ but doesn’t, then it really is time to look elsewhere.

Remember ladies, you don’t need to be putting up with some dude who doesn’t give a damn about your needs.

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