Total gridlock will never be the same

There’s nothing worse than spending hours stuck in traffic each and every morning on route to work and believe us, we know exactly how you feel. There’s only so many times you can switch stations waiting for the new Adele song to belt your voice along too. So to brighten up your bumper to bumper experience, we’ve developed a list of 10 fun things you can do – safely – while sitting and staring at the car in front of you.

  • Catch up on your favourite book. Nope, we’re not talking about reading – that’s clearly not safe. We’re talking about audio books. They’re not just for the older generation you know, many (if not most) of our favourite authors offer their literary works in audio and it’s a great way to change up your drive to work.
  • Listen to a podcast. We’re all raving about ‘Serial’ in the U office (seriously, check it out), you’ll be hoping the traffic moves slower so you can keep up with the story!
  • Pick a county and count how many registration plates from your chosen area (not your home town) you can spot on route to work. If you hit 50, treat yourself to a cappuccino on arrival.
  • Do a workout. Sounds impossible in such a confined space but there are many ways to give your behind a bit of a boost while sitting down. This involves a lot of clenching and unclenching of your cheeks – Google some more techniques, there are tons.
  • Learn a new language. We’re back to the audio books here, but even if you’re not paying too much attention, playing a language learning CD in your car (or tape, if your car is oldschool) can still find its way into your head and you’ll be knocking off foreign phrases just in time for your next European city break.
  • Make a mental to do list. If you don’t have time to jot all your tasks down on paper the night before, think about all the things you want to get done during the day, and mentally prioritise them too. By the time you get to work you’ll be feeling abnormally rganised.
  • Try and learn all the words to a song. Keep your chosen tune on repeat and you’re bound to have it down by the end of the week. Then, impress your family or friends with your newfound talent at the next sing-song.
  • Try and guess what songs your fellow traffic dwellers are singing along to. If they spot you, dance along with them. Amusing and time-wasting.
  • Kick a bad habit. Actively think about not doing whatever it is you really want to do. Use your time in the car to purposely avoid smoking, if you’re trying to kick the habit. If you can sit through painstaking gridlock, you can skip that smoke break later too.

And what not to do (because it’s illegal)…

  • Call your mam for a chat, for obvious legal reasons.
  • Send a tweet about how bad the traffic really is.
  • Snapchat and talk about how bad the traffic really is. You’re still using the phone.
  • Do your make-up. A sudden jerk from the car behind when you’re in the middle of using the mascara wind isn’t going to end well.
  • Have a nap.