It’s confession time…


I’ve cried for Evita (because I cry at absolutely everything including spilt milk on one embarrassing occasion). I’ve flown a kite (into the ground but I still think it counts). And I’ve picked a pocket or two (not really).

The truth is I am in love with shows and musicals – always have been, always will be. From Oliver! to Mamma Mia, I just can’t get enough of them.

It all started when I was a kid and my parents used to play cassette tapes in the car. A Spoonful of Sugar was one of the first songs I remember and I knew the words to it before I’d ever watched Mary Poppins. For years, I thought that you actually had to add sugar to medicine and couldn’t understand why my mum and dad, as two medical professionals, didn’t adhere to the statement when I was ill.

Another favourite of mine was a tape containing Abba’s biggest hits. I loved singing along to Dancing Queen and The Winner Takes It All so much that my mother actually hid the tape because she couldn’t listen to me anymore. Cruel, I know. I think she’s the reason I’m not on the stage myself.

Then in my early teenage years I was allowed, one Friday night, to sit up late and watch Dirty Dancing. That night I fell in love with Johnny’s gyrating hips and the 60s music. And yes, I was happy to overlook the fact that Baby is a ridiculous nickname and nobody on earth would come out with a line like: “I carried a watermelon.” Despite those two things, it became one of my favourite movies.

The only thing better than this night was the night I saw the story unfold onstage at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre a couple of years ago. My mum bought me tickets and we literally had the time of our lives singing along to the hits with the rest of the (slightly intoxicated) audience and munching on the Butlers chocolates we snuck in.

Over the years, I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing giant versions of Timon and Pumbaa dancing across the stage in The Lion King, hearing Velma Kelly singing her heart out in Chicago and jumping numerous times during The Bodyguard (you’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve seen it). What I love most is that these shows transport you to a different world and you get consumed by the live action.

One of my favourite films is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, I’ve watched it countless times,  can sing along to all the songs and probably compare every man to Adam Pontipee (kidnapping tendencies aside!) so when I finally got to see the live version it was better than I could ever imagine. There’s something so magical about seeing something you’ve loved for years come to life. In fact, there’s something magical about live performances in general. The feeling that anything can happen and that no other show will be the same – sure the songs and the moves are the same – but the atmosphere in the theatre changes from show to show and I love the feeling of experiencing something so unique. You know when you get so excited you grab the arm of the person next to you?

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