Multi-tasking make-up products that are nice to animals.... WIN!!

Multi-tasking make-up products that are nice to animals.... WIN!! Instagram:

If you're a fan of experimental, multi-coloured makeup.... your beauty bag is about to get a whole lot more playful! Childhood pencil-case fave Crayola, have just launched a line of actual Crayola crayons for your face! Yes, actual face crayons. 

Crayola Beauty 

The new last word in nostalgic make-up sets out to encourage colouring outside the lines, with a whopping 95 shades of Face Crayon and 58 different multi-use Crayola Beauty  products. 

Thankfully, texture-wise the beauty line differs hugely from the waxy original and can be described as 'creamy' and 'velvet-soft' more than anything else. 

Unsurprisingly, pigment pay-off is where the Crayola beauty line really shines, making graphic lines or a softer smoke possible with each colour

When you and your mates are the masterpiece 💛💚❤️

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The line also includes Highlighter Crayons, Colour-Changing Lip Crayon (lipsticks that react to the individual pH levels of your lips), Face Crayons, Mermaid Eyeshadow Palette and a skinny-wand mascara. 

Crayola Beauty is exclusively available at ASOS, so fill your cart and go wild with colour!

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