We've found the perfect little housewarming gift, and it's super affordable!

It seems like every second week a new couple are shacking up together or friends are moving into yet another flat share, and while we feel like we should deffo mark the occasion, we don't have the cash to be splashing out every second month. Sure you could get them another candle, (we love candles FYI, please don't stop buying them for us) but chances are they'll get loads, use them and they'll never enter their mind again. But we've found the answer!

A year ago I moved into Osborne Rd. with the most incredible women. They are lovers, encouragers, laughers, kick ass career women and absolute prayer warriors. We started praying and fasting together on the weekends and oh my word, the things that have come about have blown my mind. ‘Where two or more are gathered, there I will be’ believe it. So here’s to another year of living in the house where favour and laughter dwell, where friendship is nurtured and mouse infestations are exterminated and sometimes we just settle down, rearrange the furniture and watch chick flicks and scroll through art memes. God knew I needed a home and I am so grateful that the home I got was Osborne. Love ma girls @nadslive @jo_harvey_ @jennyslater2 and @rebekaheharvey

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Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters big sister, has unbelievable homewares that are made for gifting. But while they can be pretty pricey their pretty monogrammed mugs come well within our budget. And who doesn't want a mug with their initial on it? Perfect for couples, best pals or solo sailers. This gift is thoughtful, shows you made some effort and will be used daily for years to come. And at a tenner you can stop sweating at the state of your bank account. They do a few different versions but these are our faves. 

€10, Anthropologie

€10, Anthropologie

We're also not agianst you buying them for yourself, just sayin'.


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