AIdan Turner in Poldark. Swoon.

AIdan Turner in Poldark. Swoon.BBC

Poldark is back on our screens for season four and with it our love for Aidan Turner as Capt Poldark is rising. Steadily! 

Set in 18th century Cornwall, the series is based on a series of novels by Winston Graham an season four has just kicked off on BBC.

Aidan may have appeared in Peter Jackson’s mighty Hobbit film series but it’s this tv show that put him on the map. And gained him a WHOLE legion of female fans. 

And let's all remember why. That scything scene from season two. Sigh...

Yes, he’s a great actor and all-round nice fella (who has a new girlfriend we hear) but c’mon, the commitment to working out and baring all for this role should also be admired.

Following the famous shirtless-in-a-field shot, above (hey lady, how do we get your job?), Aidan was tasked with emerging moodily out of the water in S4, which is already a few episodes in on BBC1.

(The BBC knows who its audience is by the way. Check out this clip from a recent episode: fghtin’, kissin’ and nakedness. Ahem.) 

Aidan has been donning (or undonning) Capt. Ross' uniform since 2015 and we hear there's a fifth - and possibly the final - series commissioned for next year. So he'll be around for a while yet. In the meantime, there's loads more episodes and manliness to enjoy in series 4

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