Alannah Beirne

Alannah Beirne

She has us all gripped to the tv every Sunday with her dancing skills, but we wanted to know more about Alannah Beirne. So we caught up with the Dancing With The Stars contestant to discover a few of her favourite things.

What’s your favourite beauty product?

Coconut oil is my favourite product, I use it for everything! I use it on my hair, skin, lips, nails and teeth. It has great health benefits it leaves me feeling soft and nourished. And, I use it my smoothies and for cooking

Who’s your fashion inspo?

I get inspired by my mum actually, there are a lot of cool trendy artist and models out there like Rihanna and Bella Hadid but I tend to always revert back to mum for fashion advice and tips.

Who’s your #LifeGoals

Alex Ren. She’s just graced the covers of Sports Illustrated, which is my dream. She’s been travelling the world whilst working and doing what she loves, which is also my dream. Alex also is absolutely stunning and has an envious figure.

What’s your go-to emoji?

Seen as I’m on Dancing with the Stars I’m constantly using ??. I think I’ve convinced myself I am her ?

What’s your most overused word?


What’s the screensaver on your phone?

I don’t have one! I’ve never really been into using photos as my screensaver.

What’ll we find in your handbag?

I carry around a small suitcase with the amount of items in my handbag. My phone, make up, deodorant, purse, a spare pair of socks for my dancing and my dance shoes!

What’s your movie night pick?

Step Brothers all the way. It’s the funniest movie, I just love Will Farrell!

What’s your Instagram-explore page full of…..

Behind the scenes videos and pics from Dancing with the Stars and selfies!

Who’s your #DineWithMe wish list?

Walt Disney, Steve Jobs and Gisele Bundchen

What would your Death Row meal be?

Pizza with extra cheese!

Who’s your dream date?

If he didn’t have a wife, Chris Hemsworth. I’d also like someone with a bit of craic that would keep me entertained; they can’t just have a pretty face!

On Sundays, I….

Am on national TV dancing a dance I’ve just learnt in four days hoping I don’t mess up. There’s only a few weeks left so if you are reading this please vote ‘Alannah’ to 53125 when lines open.


Tune in to see Alannha Beirne and the rest of the celebs on Dancing with the Stars every Sunday at 6.30pm on RTÉ One.