Under eye bags, be gone!

We ask a lot from concealers: they must cover our undereye bags, they must hide blemishes, ideally, they'll be on the creamy side and under no circumstance are they allowed to flake. Which may be why the hunt for that perfect concealer is pretty much impossible...or it was, until now. 

From skin saving tonic water to lash giving mascara, Aldi sure is making a name for itself in the beauty world. Their own brand range, Lacura is constantly growing with the launch of new skincare products and makeup palettes. 

Lacura Glow Exfoliating Tonic, €4.99, Aldi

But it's their latest addition to their collection that has beauty buffs everywhere losing their minds. Lacura's Cashmere Concealer Pen is by no means a new to the beauty world but it has however gone under a makeover which has beauty fans raving. 

The concealer pen hides dark circles and covers blemishes at the push of a button, literally. The formula consists of a cream like texture that contains light-reflective pigments that work together to cover up the darkest of circles. 

Lacura Cashmere Concealer Pen, €3.99, Aldi

The concealer is available in three shades: cashmere, savanna and amber and as it's part of Aldi's Lacura range, it's also cruelty-free. 

Oh, and did we forget to mention that Aldi's Lacura concealer is less than €4? (!!!)

It has been a long-awaited product launch by beauty fans and according to the internet, it did not disappoint. 

The concealer has already sold-out on the Supermarket's website but we advise popping down to your local Aldi because hey, today could be your lucky day.  

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