Alesha Dixon was in town recently to celebrate Flormar’s first birthday

We spoke to the Britain’s Got Talent judge about not feeling guilty for having cheat days and why we’re more like the Jamaicans than we think… 

How do you stay healthy?

I have a personal trainer that I work out with a couple of times a week. I’m very conscious about what I eat because I want to fuel my body with the right tools that it needs to perform at its best but it’s about balance; if I want to eat chocolate, a pizza or a takeaway I do it and I don’t beat myself up about it. One of my favourite drinks is a Jamaican drink called Guinness punch. It’s a bit like a Baileys but nicer. The Jamaican’s and the Irish we’ve got a few things in common; we both say ‘ting’, ‘tree’ and we both drink Guinness!

What are your favourite beauty products?

The one thing I wish I had more of is sleep. Literally that’s just the best thing in the world. Don’t underestimate the power of sleep because its how your body heals. Coconut oil is an amazing multi-tasking product; you can cook with it, put it on your skin, in your hair, whatever. And then buckets and buckets of water.

What defines beauty for you?

We live in a society that focuses so much on the exterior but actually if we take care of the inside which is the most important thing, all the hair and beauty products that we love to play around with should be the icing on the cake. I always say your attitude, your mindset and how you are as a person. If you walk around with a smile on your face and you’ve got that inner joy within you, that radiates more than anything. That shines through and people can see it in your eyes.

You always look fantastic on Britain’s Got Talent, what looks have you been into lately?

I think double denim is a bit controversial but I’m feeling the denim at the moment and that kind of geek cheek glamour. I just shot a video for my next single and we did it all on the streets of London with graffiti backdrops. We kept it all really urban and street chic. That’s the vibe that I’m into right now.

Do you find that as a performer, it easier to sympatise with the contestants on stage?

There’s always a part of you that knows what that’s like, so I never forget that, I’m always sensitive to it. When I was 17 or 18, I didn’t have as much confidence as I do now and I would have been petrified. When I started out I never had to go through the whole audition process, so I take my hat off to people who do.

Where does your own confidence come from?

I think from experience. When you’re younger you have to put a smile on your face and dive in with the fear because it’s the only way to succeed. After so many years you know yourself and you become more confortable in your own skin. Some people worry about getting older but I see it as a positive thing. The older I get the more relaxed I become and the less I worry about things. I’m confident in my ability and that’s really what gets me through.

What are your handbag essentials for a night out?

Probably just lip gloss, my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, which is brilliant for everything. I’m quite basic when I go out and quite a simple girl like that. I actually don’t even like taking a clutch out these days; I stick everything in my boyfriend’s pocket!

Can you give us any hints about a possible Mis-Teeq reunion?

Well I am catching up with the girls but we have no plans and that is the honest truth.There seems to be so much love for Mis-Teeq that it makes me feel like I should do something, but we don’t know what it should be or when. We’re very protective over what Mis-Teeq had and we went out on such a high so whatever we do we just want to honour what that was.

Will you be coming back to Ireland anytime soon?

I would love to. I’ve got lots of shows planned throughout the summer but wherever the music takes me, I will go. If Dublin and Ireland wants me to come back and do some shows I’d absolutely love to.