Having already wreaked havoc on so many revered institutions, us millennials are here to replace the traditional red and gold of Christmas, with our favourite pink hue and Generation Z yellow. No, we're kidding, but these glowed up decorations and festive fun-things, feel pretty damn representative. 

If Home Alone (and Home Alone 2: Lost In New York) taught us anything, it’s that adults can do whatever the hell they want.... especially at Christmas time. 

A Gin Advent Calendar

If you don't like gin, are you even a millennial? 

Ginvent Calendar 2018, €140

An Avocado on Toast Tree Decoration 

Slightly more expensive than the one you're used to on a Sunday morning, but it'll last longer.

Avo + toast tree decoration, €14

A Let’s Party B!tches Banner

Well, constant partying is the reason we'll be the first generation to never own our own homes right? Might as well go out with a bang b!tches. 

Banner, €8 

A Tree Homage to All D*ck Pics We've Ever Gotten 

Delivering an aubergine ornament to the sender of every dick pic you’ve ever received might prove too costly, so just hang one on your tree in tribute instead. 

Aubergine decoration, €6.91

Beard Baubles

Because facial hair is soooo millennial. 

Christmas Beard Baubles, €14

Rose Gold Shimmer for Your Prosecco/Gin/Vodka 

Bc unless it's rose gold in colour, we millennials don't want to know about it. 

Popaball Rose Gold Drink Shimmer, €10

A Retro TV Games Controller

Everything retro is so much cooler and this feels like we're traveling back in time. 

Retro TV Games Controller, 14.50

How Millennial Are You? Game

We really fear the outcome of this game, but still curious. Kind of hope our parent score pretty highly too.

How Millennial Are You? Game, €14.50

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