The gorgeous Ms Garrihy on working with Christian Grey himself! She may have bid farewell to her Fair City character Neasa but Aoibhín Garrihy is busier than ever. She’s set up her own drama school, gone into business with her dad, just wrapped on the second series of The Fall and is an ambassador for Rehab. Phew, we need to take a breath after all that, so you can just imagine how busy Aoibhín must be. Aoibhín plays the role of Lyndsey Conklin in the murder-drama The Fall, which is based in Belfast, alongside Jamie Dornan (yes, the hot actor!). She told U magazine: “I was a fan of the show and I thought it was fantastic. Gillian Anderson is just incredible in it, it’s such a strong female role, and Jamie Dornan obviously, his star is very much on the rise, just to be associated with that. My scenes are with Jamie so it’s cool to work on the show. I really enjoyed it, we’ve finished and we’ve wrapped so I can’t say too much about it!” she laughed. And she said Jamie was great to work with. “He was just working so hard, he’d just come out of 50 Shades of Grey then straight into five or six months on The Fall every day so he’s just been working around the clock. He has a real passion for it and I think what’s he’s doing is amazing. I think he’s a really great actor and it’s great that he’s Irish. He’s another one of the big names now so it’s just fantastic.” Aoibhín left Fair City last year but she’s still in touch with her friends on the show. She explained: “I get to see my pals on a regular basis. Aoibheann (McCaul) is a very good friend of mine. I’m still a huge fan of the show and I still watch it the whole time and I think the storylines at the minute are fantastic, so I’m still very much in tune with what’s going on there so I don’t miss it in that sense. I tend not to look back anyway, look to the future and I’d never rule it out down the road, but at the moment I’m happy doing what I’m doing. “It’s the closest thing to a 9 to 5 and the security of that was great. Every film has a wrap day and every play has a closing night but this was an ongoing thing so long as your character was still in the show. It was great in the sense you knew where you were six months down the road, and I suppose now I don’t,” she laughed, “but you need to be creative as well.” And she certainly is creative as she’s set up a drama school in Ennis, Co Clare with her sister. “I’ve set up a drama school, Actors and Reactors, with my sister in Ennis. We’ve 70 students there so at least I know it’s a safety net and I’m getting to flex muscles I’ve haven’t before and haven’t in a while so it’s nice to do that end of things and be creative with younger people. My sister is big into it as well and I’ve gone into business with my dad too, so you just have to keep yourself sane because there are lulls, there’s always going to be lulls, that’s the nature of the gig so you need to keep yourself busy,” Aoibhín added. She’s also back in The Gate for another run of Pride and Prejudice in August and September (“It was just so popular last time they decided to bring it back again. We’re delighted, it’s like a reunion for us, we all got on so well”) and is an ambassador for Rehab, which celebrates the 40th anniversary of their People of the Year Awards this year. Aoibhín told U mag: “I’ve been an ambassador for Rehab for a number of years. They approached me back in Fair City so I’ve witnessed the amazing work they do, providing education and rehabilitation programmes for people across the country, but I suppose the jewel in their crown is the awards. It highlights the amazing people we have in Ireland and gives us the chance to herald these heroes. It’s just a really special night.” * Nominations for the People of the Year Awards are now open and members of the public can submit details of their nominee online at or at The closing date for entries is Friday 5 September. The awards will be broadcast live on RTÉ One on Saturday 6 December.