"Sometimes life just be upside-down.”

Fresh off the back of announcing the Europe dates of her Sweetener World Tour and what seems like her 35th studio release this year, Boca Raton-born Ariana Grande has once again depicted her life artistically – except this time, it's festive. 

The 25-year-old posted a picture of her latest piece to Instagram on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, when asked by photographers, who were staking out her N.Y.C. apartment, if she could explain why her tree is on the ceiling, she laughed and said, “No I can’t, man. Sometimes life just be upside-down.”

As you can see, Grande turned her Christmas tree on its head, suspending it from her Manhattan apartment ceiling. And, in a corresponding Instagram story video, she hints that the upended decor – something she refers as 'a look' – is a transparent metaphor for the year she's had. 

Grande, whose life has been made public since her rise to meteoric fame in her teens, has stood strong in the face of a difficult year in the forms of loss, tragedy and paparazzi scrutiny. 

However, several national tours, dozens of hit singles and one upside-down Christmas tree later – Grande stands strong in the face of celebrity oppression, and even, grows from it. 

We stan a metaphorical queen. 

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