our debit cards might just get a well-deserved break.

our debit cards might just get a well-deserved break.Getty Images


Let's face it, ASOS tend to receive 90% of our income. From their range of designer dupes to their clothing line designed specifically for busty gals to the ridiculous items they sell, it's impossible not to love. 

Have a wedding coming up and not sure what to wear? You can order 6 dresses and keep the one you love the most (or do an us on it and keep all 6 and risk eviction because you can't afford rent this month). Last minute date and you've got nothing to wear? Their next day delivery is faster than the speed of light and should you get first date jitters and cancel, you can return your new outfit with ease. 

While there's no denying that our shopping habits are bad for both the environment and our bank accounts, it looks like all that frivolous shopping is hurting ASOS too.

The online retailer is reportedly going to start blacklisting serial returners. According to research conducted by Brightpearl, the biggest issue for shops these days is returns. The study asked over 200 UK retailers about their main concerns and over a third of stores revealed they had seen an increase in serial returns over the last year. 

As a result, 45 per cent of retailers, including ASOS, said they were planning to blacklist repeat offenders. 

Don't panic, they're not referring to those of you who can't quite master the art of buying the correct size online. In fact, they're talking about those of you who order a tonne of clothes, wear each and every item and then send them back. 

Speaking about the effect returns have on the company, ASOS revealed that in some cases, they have had to resort to checking customer's Instagram and Facebook in a bid to catch out anyone who wears the garments before sending them back as well as those who falsely claim to have never received their package. 

Now before you go and delete every picture off your 'gram, ASOS also added to their statement that the procedure wasn't designed to check up on customers who simply return unwanted items as that's "within their right to do so". 

So what have we learned today? You can still panic buy 6 dresses for your cousin's wedding, try them on and send back the ones you don't like. Just don't return that off the shoulder lace midi dress you wore to the wedding because it's gross.  

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