Hmm, we\'re not too sure

Hmm, we're not too sureASOS

For when you can't leave the construction site till 8 pm but the party is at 8.01 pm...

Hey, we've all been there. You're walking past a construction site and think damn, am I at New York Fashion Week because those builders have got such great style.'ve not been there? Yeah, us neither but apparently it's a thought that has come into ASOS' head at one stage or another because they are now selling a hoodie that screams construction site chic. 

The hoodie is by label Collusion and is part of their Everyone Together range which is a unisex collection. It's a fitted style with reflective tape and comes in one guessed it: fluorescent orange. 

The hoodie describes itself as a garment that's "for you and for them" and by them, we're guessing they mean that building site you pass every morning on your commute to work. 

But construction site chic is not a look that comes cheap. The hoodie is currently retailing on ASOS for €41.48. 

And like most unusual fashion trends, the internet has something to say. Twitter users have started to question why ASOS has suddenly begun to take sartorial inspiration from builders. 

Hey, maybe ASOS are actually onto something. We mean, Bella Hadid literally just wore a high vis vest and if it's good enough for Bella...

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