Remember when this was lewk?

Remember when this was lewk?

Some things should be left in the past...

The 00's gave us some questionable fashion trends like matching pink velvet tracksuits and skirts over jeans, *shudders.* And of course, with those fashion trends came some rather doubtful beauty looks (side ponytails and waaay too much eyeliner). 

But the most debatable beauty trend of all? Cracked nail varnish. Set your mind back to 2010 to when your nails only had two possible looks: a glitter painted nail finger or purposely cracked nails. 

Barry M were the innovative masterminds behind the nail polish that turned your boring manicure into a chipped paradise. Just one coat and within seconds our nails would slowly crack to reveal the neon pink paint underneath. 

Our mams hated it but we thought we were the bees knees and while now, we try deny all claims that we ever thought this was a good look...there's some pretty hard evidence. 

Nobody asked for it, nobody hinted at wanting it but Barry M have decided to bring back their iconic nail formula for a limited time only. We know the 00's have made a comeback this year with us all sporting bumbags and dad runners but, is this a step too far? 

The crackle effect nail paint is back on the market in a brand new silver shade and we'd be totally lying if we were to say we're not going out and buying it straight away. The nostalgia is too much. 

If you need us, we're going to be listening to Avril Lavigne. 

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