YAS QUEEN or should we say YAS BEANRÍON?

Expressing your views through what you wear is this season and every season's hottest trend. Thanks to the Autumn/Winter catwalks of 2017, the politically-charged slogan tee was born. First came Maria Grazia Chiuri who celebrated being Dior's first-ever female head of design by kicking off her collection with a white tee stamped with feminist slogans like Chimamanda Adichie’s rallying words of: “We should all be feminists”. Then came Frank Ocean who - despite his relatively guarded public persona - wore a statement tee at the Panorama Music Festival that read: "Why be racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic when you could just be quiet?" A tee that quoted a tweet by Brandon Male was made by that 18-year-old Kayla Robinson which came to close to breaking the entire internet. 

From silly phrases like 'fries before guys' to more powerful quotes like 'girls just want to have fun-damental rights', slogan tees have become a staple in pretty much every woman's wardrobe. And now it's time for feminist slogan tees to get an Irish makeover all thanks to Beanantees. 

The cleverly named clothing company is the brainchild of best friends Lana and Ciara, whose friendship began when the pair met at as kids in the Gaeltacht of Gweedore. They bonded over their love for Gaeilge, fashion and "wild Irish women" which is ultimately what Beanantees celebrates via the form of limited edition t-shirts and sweatshirts. Chatting to the girls, Ciara told U how the birth of beanantees came about:

"The idea came from when Lana was staying with me for a few weeks in Dublin. I had just started hand embroidering Irish sayings onto my own t-shirts in my spare time just for fun. I didn’t think anything of it, I just enjoyed doing it. Lana saw this and thought that other people might like it too! It took us a while to get our shit together before we finally got things off the ground before Christmas."

The t-shirts and sweaters are hand-embroidered with clever, witty and empowering phrases that have been translated into the Irish language to encourage people to use their cúpla focal. 

Yas Banríon T-Shirt - Pink, €25, Beanantees

"I grew up in the Gaeltacht speaking Irish and Lana grew up in Scotland speaking Gaidhlig, so we’ve both had a grá for the language. 2018 was also a crazy year for Irish women and we wanted to do something that tied both ideas together, Beanantees was born!"

Tiocfaidh Ár Grá T-Shirt - White, €25, Beanantees

Currently, the tees are available in two colours: bán (white) and bándearg (baby pink) where the sweatshirts come in: dubh (black), bán (white) and bándearg. 

They also offer a range of different slogans including: buzzáil (buzzing), yas banríon (yas queen), tiocfaidh ár grá (our love will come), bean an tí (woman of the house) and much more.

Keeping in line with their celebration of Irish women, Beanantees donate 10% of all sales to The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre and The Rape Crisis Network Ireland - two Irish organisations that support women (and men) through some of their darkest times.

"We would celebrate the OG Irish woman, by giving a little something back. We contacted the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre and Rape Crisis Network Ireland and told them we would love to partner with them because of all the great work they do! 10% of our sales goes to these amazing charities."

Lana and Ciara are currently coming up with more Irish slogans to grace their creations as well as working on expanding the items they stock to hopefully include socks and tote bags. Ultimately, their main goal is to encourage people to speak the Irish language, no matter what their level of fluency may be.

"We want to keep the Irish language and culture alive and we want to encourage people to speak cúpla focal, regardless of how good or bad your Gaeilge is! - all the while helping out a very charitable cause!"

@wearewildfang on Instagram

@wearewildfang on Instagram

We for one are buzzing or sorry, táimid ag buzzáil for what these gals do next. 

Shop the tees and sweatshirts here or follow the girls on Instagram.

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