Sleep on silk, wake up like this... simple as that, yeah?

Sleep on silk, wake up like this... simple as that, yeah? Instagram: @slipsilkpillowcase

Not sleeping on a silk pillowcase? Well, your cotton alternative could very well be the only one reaping the rewards of your oh-so-extra skincare routine.... 

Nighttime is our most favourite time when it comes to beauty. It's when we get to be our most extra selves. Mornings allow only for a quick shower and a face-splash, but come dusk, bras are off, hair is up and we soak, steam and spritz ourselves into oblivion. Indulging our skin is totally guilt-free and the benefits of self-care are, at this point, are well acknowledged. But it turns out you could be lathering and slathering yourself in vain, if you're not wrapping your pillow in the 100% natural fabric. 


We spend a third of our lives in bed. Yes, a third.

If that isn't enough of a reason invest in quality bedlinen, we don't what is..... but the beauty benefits of such are pretty worthy too. Silk fibres are significantly less absorbent or porous than cotton, so they can help to maintain your skin's own natural moisture, as well as keeping expensive skin and hair products where they belong; on your skin and hair. 

Ever won the sleep app game and got the elusive 100%? Well, nothing brings you rapidly back  down from dreamland quite like a deep-sleep-induced facial crease. Try as we may to sleep on our backs, arms folded (and ignoring the morbidness of it all), we always somehow end up waking with out faces smushed into the pillow. 

While sleep creases usually fall out of youthful faces, as the skin ages, it loses elasticity and creases can become 'ironed in' gradually with time. Sleeping on silk has been shown to reduce friction or “drag” on delicate skin, when compared with cotton pillowcases - as the smooth, luxurious surface  helps skin to glide along the pillow.

It's not just your skin that could benefit from sleeping on silk either; studies have proved it helpful to hair too. Cotton pillows can cause hair to pull and tangled throughout the night, leading to serious bed-head in the AM. But hair glides on silk rather than rubs. The softer surface of a silk pillowcase helps to reduce friction and stylists say it will preserve a blow-dry better than any of its other contemporaries. 

We're sold. Here's the one top of our Lust List, Slip Silk

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