You won\'t be smiling when you realise how much.

You won't be smiling when you realise how much.Getty Images

The truth hurts.

It definitely comes as no surprise to find out that we spend most of our money on makeup. We mean, sure, we have sourced beauty bargains like a foundation that actually works for under a tenner but sometimes there really is no avoiding splashing the cash. 

Between stocking up on the day-to-day essentials or being lured in by shimmery rose gold eyeshadow palettes on Instagram, we tend to spend a lot of money on looking well. 

We know when it comes to saving money, we should skip out on buying that coffee in the morning because, at the end of the day, they all add up. Well, that mascara you put on your lashes every day is actually costing you way more. How do we know this? Well, there's now an app that works out exactly how much money you spend on makeup. 

Fragrance Direct launched an online calculator earlier this week that will tell you how much money you spend on makeup every day, month and year. Believe us, it's a serious wake-up call. 

The calculator asks you to click which beauty products you use on a daily basis. You then pick whether they tend to cost under £5, between £5 and £20, or over £20. Then you let the website work its magic and voila, you get a rough estimate of how much you're spending. 

Now it's a UK website which means the results are in pounds sterling so you may need to open a second tab to do a quick bit of currency exchange if you want to discover how many euros you're spending. We decided to skip that step because finding out we spend just over a grand a year to feel our "best" selves was enough torture for one day. 

We're going to put the fact that our job is to talk about beauty every day as the reason why our results are abnormally high. According to Fragrance Direct, the average woman in the UK spends just under £500 a year (that's £113.77 a month) on their beauty regime by using 12 products daily. 

To add more salt to your wound, the website thought it would be fun to show us some of the other things you could have bought for your £113.77. 

Who wants a trip to Barcelona anyway? 

If you fancy a cry this afternoon, you can work out how much you spend on your face here.

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