All your hair, skin and make-up questions, answered!

Michelle Casey, owner of award winning salon Aqua Beauty/Medispa in Stillorgan is an expert in all things skin and body, and here she answers your burning beauty questions...


Q I have keratosis on the backs of my arms, the backs of my thighs and I seem to have a small patch of acne on my bum cheek (morto!). What would you recommend to help these things? I use a loofa and an exfoliator but it doesn’t do anything to clear it. Thanks for your advice. Lorraine, by email.

Hi Lorraine. Thanks for your email. Those small bumps on the back of your arms can prevent us from wearing short sleeves and feeling good about ourselves. These can be a sign that both the blood and lymph circulation is sluggish and therefore needs stimulation. Firstly, before showering I would recommend a dry body brush scrub as this will help with your circulation. Always remember to brush towards the heart and don’t be concerned if that area goes a little red... this is actually a good thing! Secondly I would recommend the Profound Glycolic wash used daily in the shower. This will exfoliate the area and also help with any break outs on your bottom (which is very common by the way!). Thirdly it is very important to moisturise after every shower and I would recommend Dermalogica Ultra Rich Body Lotion (or if you’re on a budget, Ziaja’s Avocado one for €5.99). And of course it’s important to hydrate the body from the inside as well. I’d recommend at least two litres of water every day.

ziaja natural avocado oil body lotion eur5.99

ziaja natural avocado oil body lotion eur5.99

Natural Avocado Oil lotion, €5.99, Ziaja

 Q Dear U beauty expert, I have fine lines on my forehead that I’m very self conscious about. I feel like my make-up sinks into them and no primer lessens their appearance. I don’t want to get botox or anything like that and I do get facials regularly enough, so is there anything else I could be doing or trying? I also use serums every night. Thanks, Marianna. By email.

A Hi Marianna. Thanks for getting in touch. Fear not, there is always something that can be done to improve this area. Something like Botox will give you the best result but if you are not going down that road I would suggest a Profound Glycolic treatment followed by the renowned Guinot Hydradermie Plus treatment. The glycolic treatment will exfoliate and plump the skin while the Hydradermie Plus one will hydrate into the deeper layers thus giving the best results. Obviously your home care routine is vital to maintain it, so discuss it with your therapist. Call us for a consultation on 01 298 1616 or see


No7_Instant Illusions Rapid Radiance Balm 22eur

No7_Instant Illusions Rapid Radiance Balm 22eur

Rapid Radiance Balm, €22, No7 @ Boots

I would kill to be one of those girls who rolls out of bed and looks amazing after two hours sleep and without a scrap of make up on, but, like 98 per cent of the population, I roll out of bed and look like s**t. My aversion to wearing loads of make up means I mostly roll through the day looking like crap too unless I make some kind of effort. I recently got my hands on No7 Instant Illusions Rapid Radiance Balm though and I’m obsessed. It’s like the gift of an extra two hours sleep for your face. Just throw it on after your moisturiser and I swear, you instantly look about 15 per cent better looking. You can wear it alone or under foundation, but I also mix it with fake tan if I don’t want to look too dark (my face has the tendency to go about 12 shades darker than the rest of my body for some reason?!) and I sometimes put a bit on top of my foundation like a highlighter too. There’s basically nothing it can’t do! It’s light reflective, but not obvious or shiny in any way. It’s peachy, not white, so it just makes you look really healthy and glowing. And sure jaysus, who doesn’t want that! It’s €22 but I’ve had it for ages and there’s still buttloads left so it’s totally worth the investment.

U Top Tip:

If you’re adding highlighter to your foundation, make sure you don’t put too much under your eyes. You want to conceal that area, and highlighter can make it look too shiny and draw attention to dark circles if you have them.