Catherine Gray

Catherine Gray

Do you celebrate good news with cocktails? Do you ease a bad day with wine? Yeah us too, but did you ever think that you might be drinking too much? Wine O'Clock culture is ever present so what can you do when you find yourself hitting the bottle a little too hard. 

We do all know how hard it can be to say no to friends who never let one be one. Award-winning journalist Catherine Gray knows first hard how hard it can be to go sober. She was caught in a cycle of binges and blackouts before resolving to go sober. Here she shares some of the most important things she learned along the way. 


People pressure you to drink when you say you aren’t drinking so if you feel like you are going to drink, then you don’t have to stay at the party. I ran out of a restaurant in tears because I really felt like I couldn’t go through the meal without drinking. 


Finding other people to talk to about it is crucial because you can lean on each other when you have a craving. When you tell someone about a craving, it breaks the spell.


Reading and podcasts help. Home by Holly Whitaker and Laura McKowen is the ultimate alcohol free podcast


One study shows that just ten minutes of exercise can kill a booze craving. It does the same thing as alcohol: it lowers your stress levels but in a healthy way, you also lose weight, and it helps your brain repair from heavy drinking so there’s really no downside. 


I really like a meditation app called Buddhify. Mindfulness and meditation gives you a sense of detachment from your thoughts. You feel like you aren’t carried along by your moods and emotions. 


The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober by Catherine Gray, published by Aster, 8.99,