#BROWGOALS, no? @lilyjcollins

Benefit’s brow-bestseller is back, bigger and better than before!

How often does it happen, that you find a beauty product that not only meets all of your asks, but also, streamlines your makeup bag by being a multi-tasking gift from the Gods – only for it to be discontinued?

Well, that exact sad scenario happened last year, when Benefit recalled their Gimme Brow in large batches, after finding that some had fallen short of their quality standards. But in good news, the uber-popular brow-booster is back with a new name, Gimme Brow+, and some adjustments that make it more impressive than before.

Fans can rejoice in the knowledge that it’s still as fool-proof and budge-proof as its previous incarnation, with the same micro wand and microfiber technology. But Gimme Brow+ will soon be available in five further colours – making it even more accessible to all!

The new shade range will include.... 

- 2, for warm golden blonde brows

- 3.5 for warm auburn brown brows

- 4 for warm deep brown brows

- 4.5 for neutral deep brown brows

- 6 for warm black-brown brows

The only slight downside being that we’ll have to hold on until June for the full colour range of Gimme Brow+ to be released…. but if you can't quite wait that long, shop the new formula in the original shade offering here. 

Gimme Brow+ Volumising Eyebrow Gel, €26.