Take a stroll through the National Botanic Gardens

Take a stroll through the National Botanic GardensIMAGE: @nationalbotanicgardens_ireland

From Tinder matches to long-term loves, these date ideas might just ignite a spark.

Between all of us here at U HQ, we've been on a fair number of dates... the good, the bad and the ugly (but that's for another time). Why is it then when we're asked to pick a place to meet by our latest beau, ahem -Tinder match, we become totally and utterly stumped?

We've racked our brains for you and put together some of our favourite date spots in Dublin. Hopefully ones that can't even be picked apart by the girls in a savage WhatsApp group. Plus this way you'll have a few other options on hand when he sends that premature "Netflix and chill?" text.  

“Spring” in Dublin

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On a bright day, the trek up the winding road to the Blue Light Pub in the Dublin mountains, is made all the more worth it, when you arrive to the spectacular views of the city from their beer garden. There’s often live music up there too and the quality of beverage will not disappoint, so just make sure to have a designated driver when (or if) you make it back down!

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The Dame Tavern on a Sunday afternoon is the bee's knees. We find that the biggest test for a potential suitor is whether they can handle the Sunday sesh. It’s generally busy so there’s very few awkward silences or alternatively you can always find someone else more interesting to talk to. 

The Natural History Museum aka The Dead Zoo. This might sound like an odd choice perhaps, but it’s one of the best places in Dublin. It’s full of character and there’s plenty of scope for conversation (and laughs) as you meander past the exhibits housed in gorgeous Victorian cabinets.

Stroll around the Botanic Gardens, followed by a wander around Glasnevin cemetery (way less creepy than it sounds, we promise). If all is going well, head for  a pint and some grub in The Gravediggers. This isn’t weather dependent either, in fact it’s probably even nicer in the winter. Warming yourself by the fire after a misty walk is the stuff rom coms are dreamt up on and Ireland is just made for it. PS, I Love You anyone? Dodgy accents aside, we'll happily take the handsome Aran-jumpered man... 

Rent bikes in The Phoenix Park, then wander into the Zoo, followed by wine in Hole In The Wall. This deadly pub in the park has a wine shop attached. You can buy a bottle in the shop and bring it into the pub for a small corkage fee. We're not advocating getting smashed on a date, but a few glasses to calm the nerves can help the convo to flow that bit easier. 

Token in Smithfield is practically made for dates. Great food, topped off either end with arcade games. You’re guaranteed to have something to talk about, you’ll loosen up and if they’re a dud you can pretend you’re really into Tetris and avoid the awkwardness.

As for dates to avoid? The cinema, the theatre, anywhere that you can't have a proper chat. Surely the point of going on a date is to get to know the other person, not just sit next to them awkwardly for a few hours. Or worse still, feel a clammy hand work its way over the armrest. Another bad plan? IKEA. Yes, this really was a suggested date location for one of us lucky ladies here at Team U. And no, she didn't go...despite the allure of those canteen meatballs. 

If you happen to meet The One over any of these dates, be sure to invite us to the wedding!

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