What did we ever do to deserve dogs? And the ability to adore them on the internet!  

We here in U love a good Instagram scroll but we don’t always come away from it feeling like the queens that we are; and what better way to change that than by following a tonne of adorable dogs? Because everyone has time for cute dogs, right? RIIIIGHT! 


Norbert is a 3 pound puppy who loves giving high-fives, writing children books and serving as therapy dog. We actually dare you to not smile at his little face.

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hi from me

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Irish influencers are kinda ruling the blogging world at the minute and it’s no different when it comes to the doggy universe. Meet Pandora, the cutest little boxer from Waterford.

Dogs In Food

Dogs and food are our two favourite things in life, so combining Dogs in Food is genius. This account is gonna serve some serious lols and sorry, not sorry but you’re about to lose hours scrolling through this feed.

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Double floof please! . . @jinju_bichonfrise

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They call him the Bob Ross of dogs and if that doesn’t get you on board, then what will? Agador is the fluffiest ball of fun and we want a play date asap.

Ollie & Penny

The '@ handle' is what got us onto their page and the adorableness of Ollie & Penny’s face is what got us to stay. These Irish sausie dogs are more than just Instagrammers, they also have their own fashion line.

Dogs really do make everything better.

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