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Don't let your hard work go to waste.

For any cynics out there thinking eye primers are a scam, we get it. You wear face primer so surely a primer for your lids is the same formula just rebottled into a smaller tube. Well, if you've ever worn an eyeshadow primer, you'll know that's all lies. 

Eyeshadow primers are an essential step in the eye makeup process. Not only are the eyes the hardest part of the face to apply makeup but they are also the oiliest. Your eyelids are extremely small spaces with an extremely thin skin that disappears into your heads several times a day creating an oily surface. So compare that with your forehead and it's really no wonder that your eye makeup doesn't last half as long as your base. 

Eyeshadow primers are not only designed to fight against oil but they also cling onto powder and pigments whilst keeping your eyes hydrated. They also smooth out fine lines and colour correct your lids which ultimately leaves you with a dream base. So do yourself a favour and pick up one of these eyeshadow primers, you'll never have to worry about midday creasing, glitter fallout or bleeding shadow again. 

The Classic

Primer Potion, €22, Urban Decay @ Debenhams

Look familiar? That's because every MUA you follow on Instagram has used this at some point in a tutorial. The eye primer from Urban Decay has reached a cult-favourite status for its lightweight formula and stay-all-day power will keep your lids in perfect shape for 24 our late night antics can vouch for.

The Budget-Friendly 

Eye Elements Eyeshadow Primer,  €4.99, Revolution Pro @ Superdrug

You don't have to spend a fortune to protect your eyeshadow masterpieces. This primer from Revolution Pro is perfect as not only does it consist of a long-wearing matte formula but it also comes in a range of colours to either give you a neutral base or a pop of colour to get you started. Any of the shades can be worn on their own for subtle lazy day looks or act as a base for your creation. 

The Splash The Cash

Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, €27, Nars @ Brown Thomas

While we argue and say you don't necessarily need to fork out a tonne of money to find a decent eyeshadow primer, there's no denying that those on the slightly expensive scale work many wonders. This one from Nars is special as it's not like most eyeshadow primers as it's completely clear. Usually, when you use a toned primer, your shadows tend to not live up to their full-colour popping potential. However, Nars' Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base lets your eyeshadow talk for itself thanks to its clear gel-based formula. 

The Illuminator

Cream Eyeshadow Primer, €8, NYX @ Boots

If bright, bold eyeshadow is your vibe...then allow us to introduce you to this cream eyeshadow primer by NYX. It's optic white in shade with a pearl undertone that is stunning on worn on its own with a bold liner flick or as the ultimate blank canvas for any bold creation. 

The Cruelty-Free

Studio Eyeshadow Primer & Liner Sealer, €5.15, E.L.F @ Superdrug

Ever feel adventurous and want to rock a fuschia pink eyeliner but can't find one anywhere? Well this primer stick from E.L.F is about to become your BFF. Not only does the product prime your lids and prevent creasing but it can also be dipped into a powder-based shadow to create a D.I.Y liquid liner. E.L.F is not only a cruelty-free brand but they're vegan too which is just yet another reason why you need this in your makeup bag. 

The 2-in-1

Pro Longwear Paint Pot, €22, MAC @ Arnotts

MAC's pro long wear pots can be worn as both cream eyeshadows or primers which is giving you double bang for your buck. Initially, they're highly pigmented and creamy but dry to create an intense but vibrant finish. The pots are longlasting, create seamless coverage without the weight or cracking you'd get with an alternative primer. You can mix them in with other eyeshadow and liners for a quick priming fix or apply directly as a base.

Your eyeshadow will thank you, promise. 

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