Countless National Days of celebration come and go, but we couldn't let today pass without nodding to the human compulsion that is, napping. National Napping Day's roots can be traced back to 1999, when an American couple decided to create a holiday that would highlight the benefits of taking a mid-afternoon lie down. Personally, we never needed much convincing on the forty winks-front, but just how to go about the perfect snooze? We're glad you asked.

Here's our guide to being the most extra, the nap edition. 

It's in our nature to rest. With all the effort that merely existing requires, periods of actively refraining from everything bar breathing is essential now and again. Hell, even God took the seventh day off from creation. 

The health benefits of medical-grade leisure and conscious napping (we coined this term) are scientifically proven, but day-time snoozing calls for the softest sheets, the coziest blankets, and pillows that feel like squishy pizza dough... along with a few other essentials. 

– A Bare-as-the-Day-You-Were-Born Face 

Wearing makeup while napping is as counterintuitive as wearing jeans to bed. Instead, opt for a clean face. Well, not quite clean, have your nighttime skincare routine on, but for the duration of your nap. Why not allow your potent serums and creams some extra time to work their magic, while you're catching up on some zzzzs?

Super Collagen Mask, €20.75, MARIO BADESCU @ Beauty Bay

– Luxe Loungewear 

The closer to your birthday suit, the more comfortable you feel. Fact. But if napping in your nude isn't your vibe, try some super plush sweats or knitted co-ords for posterity. No lounge wardrobe is complete without a robe or two either; a heavy one to wear post-shower or when it's really cold, and a silky one à la Gillan Anderson is Sex Education. 

Organic Cotton Sweatpants, €59, ARKET

– Holy Sheet(s)

Good quality bed linen is a totem of both adulthood and expert napping, but skip pouring over thread count and go with your gut, or face in this case. Much like laying on a mattress before you buy, you have to like the feel of your sheets on your skin, particularly on your face and feet. These are the places where you feel sheets the most when you’re falling asleep. Make sure to ignore any weird looks you might get from the store's staff. 

Fairtrade Duvet Sets with Trim, €159, WHITE & GREEN

– Signature Scenting

Haterz will say that this is excessive (and arguably dangerous), but nailing the best nap of your life doesn't come without its price. Ask yourself: Do you layer scented candles in the same way you would do with perfume, to create a room smell that's unique? If the answer is no, you’re not candling to achieve peak napping.

And for the Health + Safety sticklers in the audience, set a candle timer for two hours (long enough for each candle to melt evenly across the top) just in case you get too placid and doze off (which we'll remind you at this point, was the actual aim). 

Green Lavender Scented Candle, €18, URBAN APOTHECARY @ Brown Thomas

From us to you, may your life be full of happy naps. x

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