In case you run out of Christmas cheer (as if!) When you’ve ticked every traditional festive film off your much watch list (you’ll find that list here, btw), don't fret because there are many movies that are watched religiously each Christmas which aren’t necessarily your average ‘Christmas’ movies. Some might just be set in the month of December, some have a few Christmassy undertones and some just have simply been watched in sitting rooms this time of year for yonks. So if you’re looking for a movie marathon for your time off next week, here’s our favourite 'non-Christmas' Christmas movies of all time:   Die Hard   [embed][/embed]   Batman Returns   [embed][/embed]   Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (or any of them!)   [embed][/embed]   The Wizard of Oz   [embed][/embed]   The Sound of Music   Back to the Future   Shrek   Bridget Jones   Big   Gremlins   While You Were Sleeping   Gone with the Wind   Goodnight, Mister Tom   Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory