Get ready to sweat at Ireland's first ever heated fitness studio.

Working out can be a chore, hence we love a challenge.

The premise of BikeRowSki is exactly what you'd imagine: you bike, you row, and surprise, surprise - you ski. Within a 45 minute class, participants give it their all on Concept2 machines which promise to put both your physical and mental capacity to the test.

This particular format will no doubt appeal to those who like their exercise with an element of competitiveness, as the studio straps an arm mounted heart rate monitor onto each person. These monitors relay real-time feedback - such as how many calories participants are burning  or how fast they are going - which will be displayed on a screen during class.

According to owner and head coach Stephen Weinmann, "clients can then view and track their training data and statistics after each class on an app." I mean, talk about motivational...

Inspired by boutique fitness studios around the world like Barry's Bootcamp or Orange Theory, Weinmann's unique and dynamic concept guarantees a full-body cardiovascular workout. Rather than an extreme, overcomplicated, or off-putting workout, the aim is more about enhancing fitness levels for all. Ultimately, it's also intended to be a fun and motivating group experience - something which a lot of run-of-the-mill gym classes tend to be lacking in.

As for the heat? Weinmann noted that there are multiple benefits of training in an environment of 35 degrees. 

"It increases core temperature resulting in higher rates of perspiration, a higher calorie burn and increased fat loss," he said.

The fitness industry veteran is also behind the renowned Performance Therapy Ireland, a strength and conditioning facility, which was the first CrossFit affiliated facility in North Dublin. Weinmann said that his 15 years' of experience across everything from Olympic Weightlifting and Kettlebell training to his background in Physical Therapy have come to fruition with BikeRowSki.

Down to break a sweat and try it out? The studio offers seven classes per day during the week and three slots on weekend days.

For more information, pricing, and class time table check out

See you in the saddle!

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