Blue Ticks? Thank U, NEXT.

Blue Ticks? Thank U, NEXT.Getty Images

The future is here. 

So picture this, you're texting a new bae on Whatsapp but because the romance is only new, you feel obliged to take part in the waiting game that is texting. Y'know the one, they take twenty minutes to reply so you take twenty-five minutes to reply back so they then take thirty minutes to respond, etc, etc. 

But because it's early days, you've got a serious case of the butterflies and you just can't wait to see what witty yet charming thing they have to say next. Sure, you can just open up the text and respond like a normal person but erm, you'll look like super eager and um desperate which together could potentially scare them off. 

So what if we told you we knew a way to read those charming WhatsApp messages without your bae ever knowing you read them? 

Sounds impossible, we know. But thanks to a new feature on iPhone, it is now possible to outsmart those blue ticks. 

The latest iPhone model comes with a feature called 3D Touch. We're not really too sure what the purpose is of it exactly but we do know how you can use it to your benefit. 

So, if you tap once on a WhatsApp chat, you'll open the conversation up straight away. However, thanks to 3D Touch, if you press hard and hold the chat, you'll get a full-screen preview of the conversation...including any new messages. 

And because you're only previewing the conversation, WhatsApp doesn't count that as reading aka no blue ticks. The hack lets you read about 10 messages (depending on the length) without marking any new messages as 'seen'. Once you're done having a read, simply let go and you'll be taken back to the WhatsApp home screen. 

But before you go and celebrate, there is an act to it. You have to press on the chat with just the right amount of pressure, otherwise, you'll just open the chat. 

Remember friends, tread lightly. 

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