Are you ready?

Are you ready?Bohemian Rhapsody

Maybe this time Rami Malek can wear contacts...

Despite the film receiving multiple awards, Bohemian Rhapsody received a serious amount of criticism from fans of Queen for the inaccuracy of the story. From how Freddie actually has brown eyes to how he met Mary Austin (she was originally Brian May's girlfriend, fyi) to how Queen split up (it wasn't because Freddie chose to go solo, Roger Taylor was actually the first member of Queen to release a solo album), the biopic is far from the real story of Queen and even further from the truth about Freddie Mercury. 

Whether you were a fan of the film or not, we're sure we can all agree that the biopic doesn't exactly leave much room for a sequel. Bohemian Rhapsody ends with the band's most iconic performance at Live Aid, 1985 before cutting away to a brief summary about Freddie's battle with AIDS and his passing in 1991. 

@bohemianrhapsodymovie on Instagram

@bohemianrhapsodymovie on Instagram

But according to director, Rudi Dolezal (the man behind the majority of Queen's music videos), a sequel to Bohemian Rhapsody is currently "being heavily discussed in the Queen family." Speaking to Page Six, Dolezal revealed that the band's manager, Jim Beach is keen to make another film. 

"I'm sure he plans a sequel that starts with Live Aid." 

This is not the first time rumours of a second biopic would take place. Back in November, Brian May told Louder Sound

"I think Live Aid is a good point to leave it. Who knows, there might be sequel."

@bohemianrhapsodymovie on Instagram

@bohemianrhapsodymovie on Instagram

But just like when the biopic was released in cinemas, Queen fans were quick to let their opinions be known about a Bohemian Rhapsody sequel:

Thankfully, Queen's management are yet to comment on Dolezal's claims so we all have time to pray that the only thing being "heavily discussed" is how under no circumstance should a sequel be made or how this time, the true story should be told. 

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