something looks a little off...

something looks a little off...Boohoo

Twitter believes the fashion brand are using pillows to make their models appear pregnant. 

Boohoo have been making some rather questionable decisions lately. First, they began selling a lingerie piece that was essentially a giant bow which enabled your other half to "unwrap you". Then the online retailer was slammed for selling faux fur items that were actually made of rabbit. Now, Boohoo has been accused of putting pillows under models' clothes to sell their maternity range.

The accusations began when shoppers noticed something was a little off with the 'maternity model's' bump. People began sharing pictures on social media of models wearing maternity outfits that they believe have been stuffed to create a faux bump which immediately caused outrage on Twitter. 

The outrage has since prompted Twitter users to question why pregnant models weren't used.

Boohoo has yet to comment on the accusation.

The speculations come only a week after Boohoo was called out for selling a jumper containing real fur, despite being advertised as 'faux' on the site.

The online retailer 'faux fur pom pom jumper' was sold on the site in Septemeber 2018 and was found to contain real rabbit fur after the Humane Society International and the Advertising Standards Agency carried out an investigation on the garment. 

Boohoo have since ceased sales on the jumper and released a public statement apologising for their actions: 

"Following the enquiry made by the Humane Society the item has been removed from sale. We uphold our commitment against the sale of real fur in any of our products and continue to investigate the matter internally and with the supplier in question, and we do so as a matter of priority."

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