it’s beginning to look a lot like (our first) Christmas

it’s beginning to look a lot like (our first) Christmas

What to get that special someone you met on Tinder last week...

Knowing what to buy your significant other is a challenging task, especially when you don't know where you're at. You just started going out so are boxers with your faces on it a bit too much? Do you buy him a really thoughtful but pretty much useless gift or do you go for boring aftershave that he actually needs? 

If Christmas shopping for your bae isn't going as well as you had planned, don't panic. We've got your back. Here are the perfect Christmas gifts to keep your romance alive. 

For When You've Only Been On A Date Or Six

The Little Book Of Craft Beer by Melissa Cole, €9.57, Book Depository 

So it's only been a month or two since you've started seeing him but you're hoping things will go well. Buying him a small gift is the perfect way to seal the deal, just don't go over the top. Books are neutral, yet personal. It shows you care enough to know what he's into but not too much that you come off desperate. 

For When It's Just Sex

Mojo Pro Original Desire Pheromone Soy Massage Candle, €11.95, LoveHoney

Okay, so you guys just hook up with no strings attached but it's Christmas and you do care about your f*ckbudy so why not get them a gift? This candle is the perfect gesture. It releases arousing aromas and melts down to a massage oil. Your Christmas is about to get a whole lot hotter. 

For When You're Friends With Benefits

Personalised mug, €7.36, Vistaprint

At the end of the day, he is your friend, you should be buying him a gift. If you want to be more than just friends with benefits, there's no time like Christmas to tell him. Putting it on a mug will not only subtly send him the message but if it doesn't go down well, you can play it off as a joke present because it's only a quote mug. 

For When You're Only Just Official

So you've had the talk and you're now officially his girlfriend, what you get him for your first Christmas together is something he'll remember forever.  Concert tickets are the way to go. Get him tickets to his favourite band or artist in a few months time. Not only will it show you've been listening but it'll also show him that you're in this for long term. 

For When You're In The Honeymoon Stage

Lomography Sprocket Rocket Panoramic 35mm Camera, €89, Urban Outfitters

Ah, the honeymoon stage, you're still head over heels about one another and you don't care who knows. So what better gift than a quirky camera to document your dates. Whether you post them on Instagram or make a scrapbook, you'll be able to look back on them in years to come and remember those loved-up days. 

For When You Won't Be Together For Christmas

Maps drawer writing set, €12, Paperchase

Long-distance relationships aren't easy but sending each other gifts for Christmas makes it that bit sweeter. Why not keep that feeling going by sending each other frequent letters. Sure, you Whatsapp and Facetime every day but taking the time out to sit down and write your loved one a letter is kind of the greatest gift you could ever give. Set themes for the month (January is for giving encouragement, February is for showing your love, March is to make the other laugh, etc.) Be all kinds of extra and spray your letter with perfume so it's like you're there with him. 

For When You've Been Going Out Ages

Classic Nylon SF Trainers, €82.95, Reebok @ ASOS

You've been together a couple of years now and it's time to buy each other what you actually need, but make it fun. Has he been wearing the same old pair of battered runners for months? Buy him a new pair. You can go for the same pair he wears as you know he'll love them or be adventurous and go for a pair he'd never buy for himself but would totally rock. 

For When You're Moving In Together

Bush Classic Turntable, €99.99, Argos

You've both been saving for the practical stuff like a fridge and a dishwasher and there's no money left over to buy the cool things you actually want. Buy that cool thing he wants like a record player (and some of his favourite albums on vinyl). Sure, it might mean beans on toast for Christmas dinner because you can't afford a turkey but we say it's worth it. 

For When You're Pretty Much Married 

Or hey, maybe you are. If you've been with your partner for the longest time, chances are you spend more time chilling at home than doing exciting activities like you did in the early days. Book a trip to that city he always said he'd love to see. You get a holiday out of it too. Win. 

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