Madeline Mulqueen talks to U and lifts the lid on her actor fiancé…

Madeline Mulqueen is living the high life. The bubbly model is just back from jet setting her way around the world with her fiancé Jack Reynor and made sure to fly the flag for Irish designers at the same time.

The Limerick native accompanied her actor beau on his world promotional tour for his new movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction which hits cinemas next month.

Madeline told U magazine before embarking on the trip: “It’s a world tour so it’s amazing because there’s so many places that are on my bucket list and I get to tick them off,” she laughed. “I’m looking at all the different places we’re going and I’m writing a list of all the things I want to see and do so I’m really looking forward to it.

“It’s that thing where yes there’s so much involved and so much going on but it’s time for us to celebrate after a crazy year and a half. I think there’s eight premieres and I’ve had so many fittings with amazing Irish designers. I’m wearing all Irish designers like Natalie B Coleman and Joanne Hynes,” she added.

Despite walking the red carpet with some massive stars including Mark Wahlberg who stars in the film alongside Jack, Madeline certainly isn’t letting it faze her. She explained: “It’s funny because I think I’m so laid back… it’s just a thing where I don’t want to get caught up in it. If I do I won’t enjoy it. All I want to do is enjoy it and see the movie. It’s exciting, I’m just excited to showcase the Irish talent and designs and celebrate the awesome job Jack has done.”

Madeline and Jack are keen to keep their personal lives private but she said she doesn’t mind the interest in their relationship – as long as it’s nice! She told U mag: “Me and Jack are so grounded, Kim and Kanye are more interesting!” she laughed. “We’re grounded and laid back, if there is interest, that’s fine, if it’s nice interest.”

But naturally Madeline said she is “so proud” of her fiancé. “I can’t be anything but proud of him, so proud. It’s wonderful. The amount of talent that is coming out of Ireland these days is amazing. I literally think Ireland is taking over, it’s really cool, so proud. So, so proud,” she added.

Madeline is a star in her own right here in Ireland – she has featured on Republic of Telly and is no stranger to comic acting herself as she played a leading role in the hugely viral Rubberbandits’ Horse Outside video, which catapulted her to fame.

After the whirlwind tour, it’s back to reality for Madeline and she is looking forward to coming back to Ireland and having “a chill-out summer”. “I’m so looking forward to spending time in Ireland this summer. Everyone last year was like, ‘you missed the best summer ever in Ireland’ so hopefully it happens again this time around and I get to spend some time in Ireland.

“I’m with Distinct Model Management and Anne is so wonderful and she has my best interests at heart so we have a lot of plans and stuff like that for when I come home so I’m looking forward to getting back into it. And obviously the last two weeks I’ve spent at home here have been great, full of shoots and this 3 campaign so it’s given me that bug again to get back and do it in Ireland again, which is great so I’m really looking forward to it.”

The 3 campaign she mentions is Enjoy Data Responsibly ( which offers free all-you-can-eat data to pre-pay customers when they top up by €20, and Madeline stars in a tongue-in-cheek video sketch with Love/Hate’s Aaron Heffernan.