One of our favourite beauty experts

One of our favourite beauty expertsIMAGE: Instagram @carolinehirons

We caught up with Caroline Hirons recently to get the lowdown on her big no-nos when it comes to skincare and makeup.

With over 240k followers on Instagram and almost 170k subscribers on YouTube, Caroline is one of the biggest names in the beauty world and always tells it straight (which is why we love her!). She's a mine of information about skincare so we thought we'd pick her brains about what's real and what's fake when it comes to skin, makeup and supplements. 

  • 1) You don’t need to obsess about blackheads

"I wish people would chill out about blackheads. They're obsessed, especially young girls. A lot of girls do so much more damage trying to get an imaginary blackhead out of their cheeks. You're going to give yourself broken capillaries! That's going to be even more problematic when you’re my age so I do wish girls would chill out about blackheads situation."

  • 2) You DO need SPF on cloudy days (whether you’re pale or dark)

"I wish Irish girls would use SPF. Dublin’s my second biggest audience on the blog after London. (I love it I come over as often as I can.) I spend my life saying "choose SPF" and they’re like, “It’s cloudy”. And I’m like, “but it’s daylight. You know the way you can see me? That’s because of the sun.” The Irish skin as well is mostly pale. If you’re traditionally either pale and ginger  - or pale and with blue eyes and dark hair - with beautiful skin you want to preserve this. It’s same with girls with dark skin. Trying to get a black girl to use SPF can be really, really hard. They think that they're melanin rich [and don't need it].

Education about SPF is crucial. I do understand, people think it’s just another layer. They’re like,"It’s not doing anything for me" and I say, "Well it’s doing something that you can’t see. That means in 20 years you’re not going to have to stress about having pigmentation."

  • 3) Face wipes are not a good option

"I hate face wipes. I would burn them all except it would be just bad for the environment or putting them all in the sea like we’re doing now. They’re dreadful for the environment and dreadful for your skin. I will take a pack of face wipes with me on a plane in case I’m caught out and I would highly recommend taking face wipes to a festival but not in terms of makeup removal all the time. They don’t work and it’s not quicker. If there was a facialist next to me using a face wipe we could do a face wipe challenge and if I was using a proper cleanser it would be quicker. They don’t appeal to me whatsoever."

  • 4) Don’t use foundation to darken your skintone

"Your makeup is to match your face so don’t use your foundation to make yourself tanned. Make sure your foundation matches your cheek - it shouldn’t match your fake tan on your hands. Your face doesn’t stop at your neck either, so blend blend blend."

  • 5) Not all supplements are the same

"I tend to go for a good quality supplement rather than something you’ve managed to find for 3 for 2 in the chemist that might not be very good a quality. It’s not that you have to be a snob about it. There are ones that are reasonable and, in some cases, are better than taking nothing but do your research. For vitamin C, Altrient C is genuinely the cleanest sort of supplement you can find. There's no colouring, there's no sugars, and it's vegan. The only thing that's in there is literally the vitamin C and it’s encapsulated so you're not just throwing it into your system, hoping for the best.

Supplements are a bit like skincare. Make sure you do your research, make sure you take something that you actually need and see it all the way through."

Caroline was over in Ireland with supplement brand Altrient C (€47.99) which is available from Abundance and Health Boots and Lloyds Pharmacies.

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