The festive season, in theory, is one full of love, with family and friends all gathering to share and give gifts. But without being a Grinch about it, it’s also a common time for relationships to call it quits. On the flip side of that stat, should you and your S.O. survive until Christmas Eve, a ring could very well be headed your way. 

Right, that's about all the Dr. Seuss rhyming we could manage. 

So, the holidays are here and oh, what a wonderful time of year! But, you know what are less wonderful? Breakups! 

What's being referred to in the US, as the 'Turkey Dump’ around their Thanksgiving holiday, has now become a proven trend this side of the water too, and for anyone in a rocky relationship, consider this your warning. 

British statisticians, David McCandless and Lee Byron, discovered this information after intense FB research, to get the scoop on when people break up. By setting up a program that logged the dates of changes in relationship statuses onto a calendar and scanning over 10,000 status-updates, they could see that one of the peak break-up times is actually just two weeks before Christmas. December 11th to be exact. 

Why December 11th, you ask?

Well, we have a few theories. By this particular date, there's no denying that the festive season is upon us and if you're not exactly in a happy place, relationship-wise, everyone else's merriment could really irk you. For new couples, the thought of meeting family might prove too frightful, or for those more Scrooge-like, the idea of spending money on gifts might just not seem worth it.

Now for the good cheer! 

According to another survey by a wedding planning website, if you and your partner make it to the 24th of the month unscathed, those expecting a little red box under the tree on Christmas Day should, in fact, keep an eye out for it the night before instead.

The study looked at month-by-month break down of engagements and found that December was the most popular time for proposals, with Christmas Eve officially being the most romantic day of the year to propose, with 31% of votes. 

Logistically, putting a ring on it during the festive season makes perfect sense with family and friends often already gathered to celebrate and it would certainly make for a Christmas to remember, regardless of her/his answer. 


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