Kristen Stewart, queen of the smoky eye, at Cannes

Kristen Stewart, queen of the smoky eye, at CannesGetty

Beauty trends come and go but some makeup looks are destined to be around forever. They've been the go-tos for celebs and other glamorous types for decades and it's easy to see why.

Simple, classic  – and effective. From a great smokey eye to the perfect pixi crop, get one of these right and you'll have a reliable beauty look in your arsenal forever.

Taylor Swift 

The Red Lip

From Marilyn Monroe to Tay-Tay, the red lip is one of the true classics. It’s brilliant for brightening up a knackered face and/or bringing the glamour in 3.5 seconds. Looking for the red that suits you? Try blue-toned shades if you’re pale or orangey-reds if you’re sallow skinned or dark.

Kristen Stewart

Modern Smokey Eye

Kristen Stewart may change her hair as often as she changes her Chanel outfits but a solid smokey eye is a regular in her red carpet looks. She’s sported the traditional black smoked eye loads but she also mixes it up with warm coppery shades (which look amazing with her green eyes!).

Jennifer Lopez

Perfect, Glowy Skin

Bronzed, radiant skin has always been cool. It use to be the California girl glow, these days we call it rich girl skin (Jennifer Lopez does it beautifully). If you can’t afford the regular facials we suspect are behind JLo’s flawless face, up your skincare routine to include lots of hydrating masks and serums. Then whack on a bit of radiance-boosting highlighter to fake it till you make it!

Michelle Williams

The Pixi Cut

It was a huge look in the ‘60s, with actress Mia Farrow and model Twiggy leading the way but the pixi cut is a big fave with celebs. The likes of Michelle Williams usually sport a short, short do but Katy Perry, Cary Mulligan and J-Law have been know to rock a crop too. Thinking about it? For it to work, you'll have to commit to regular trips to the salon to keep its shape.

Cara Delevingne

Strong Brows

The queen of the strong brow was Audrey Hepburn but her modern soul sister is actress/model Cara Delevingne. When you go big with a brow, they become a statement so you need to know what you’re at. There will be a natural shape that suits you so it’s best to get a professional hand to guide you to make sure your brows work for your features.

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