Coachella FOMO? Us too. Deck out your digs with the best of the desert style instead.  

Every April the Coachella festival rolls around and every year we promise that next year is our year. That somehow we'll have saved enough money (read: won the lotto) and be jetting off to the desert in style. Yet again, we're sitting at our office desks dreading the Instagram onslaught of totally tanned and toned limbs, clad in a variety of perfectly cool, boho looks.

So what if The Weekend, Eminem, HAIM and even Queen Bey are headlining? Why would we care? Except that we really, really do. To ease the green-eyed monster somewhat though, we've put together our favourite Coachella desert inspired interiors so that at least we can be California dreaming from the comfort of our own living room. 

Plates, €11, Amara


Vase, €28, Debenhams

Palm print chair, €30, Home Sense 


Lampshade, €45,


Mug, €8, Amara


Plants, €9, Debenhams

Mug tree, €13, Next 

Floor mat, €116, Amara