Give us a shmile, love.

Give us a shmile, love. @emmalouiseconnolly

Have you done it yet?

If you live your life on Instagram then we bet you've 'hot squatted' so much your legs are now stuck in a bent down pose. You tried to pose like 'Bambi' but you soon realised that no amount of yoga could ever make you that flexible and you're now able to walk in heels like a proper human thanks to those 'Barbie feet'.

But if like us, your feed is feeling a little stale, then good news! There's a new (well we say new, it's actually been around for years but the internet has only just now come up with a catchy name so it's cool again) Instagram pose in town: the 'shmile'. 

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the sun 

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Not to be confused with the 'smize' (smiling with your eyes, duh), the shmile is all about shutting your eyes and pulling a cheeky wide-toothed grin. Get it? The ‘sh’ of shut eyes, with the ‘mile’ of smile. Clever, huh?

If you think we're having you on, lets us present you with exhibit A, B and C (and D...and E...and F)

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Another year around the sun ✨2018 was a really, really great one for me for so many reasons but if you’re reading everyone’s New Year posts and feeling pretty bleak about January or feeling like 2018 chewed you up and spat you out, don’t fret. I had a really ropey 2016 and 2017 (blame Saturn’s return) so I’ve learnt you really do have to take the rough years to find the smooth ones and after the shitty years, the good ones really are that much sweeter. Remember life isn’t an Instagram highlights reel or a best nine, and so much of what sticks with you isn’t the stuff that even makes it online. I made a point this year to focus on my personal life, work smarter rather than longer and live more of my life entirely offline and while that came with its own challenges (self-employed guilt mostly), it’s been one of the best ever. Every year has a different focus and I learnt this year you might be able to have it all, but you can’t have it all at maximum capacity all the time and that’s A OK. No resolutions this year, just going into 2019 feeling super thankful for what this year brought and ready to enjoy the eternal life juggle all over again. Thanks so much for following me this year and allowing me to have the job that I do. Couldn’t do any of this without you. Sending out all the lucky stars for 2019 ✨⭐️

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oh my god, I’m totally buggin ‍♀️

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The shmile is increasing in popularity for many reasons. Firstly, it's candid. You look completely overcome with joy that you don't even realise a photo is being taken, someone just so happened to capture you in that exact moment of happiness. (When actually your face is starting to hurt because you've been faux smiling for 2+ hours and your BFF is contemplating terminating your friendship if you don't hurry up and pick a photo.) It also makes your profile appear real. The pose conveys a carefree, down-to-earth manner that doesn't come across like you're trying too hard. Oh, and it's a killer way of showing off your eye makeup. What's not to love?

Shmile, my pretties, shmile. 

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