Like the idea of a festive knit, but can't quite brave the reality of sporting a sweater festooned with LED lights and lashings of tinsel? Fair enough, they don't exactly scream cool and sophisticated, do they? 

Still, there are ways to get on board the Christmas jumper train, without having to fully compromise on style. Here are some versions even fashion girls would approve of. 

Sequin diamond sweater, €39.99, Zara 

Wool-blend jumper, €59.99, H&M 

Jewel Embellished jumper, €64, Warehouse

Puff sleeve sweater, €39.95, Zara

Christmas Snowflake Chevron Jumper, €60, Topshop 

Bejeweled sweater, €49.95, Zara

Pale Pink Sequin Crew Neck Jumper, €29.99, New Look 

Knitted polo-neck jumper, €14.99, H&M 

Pattern-knit jumper, €27.99, H&M 

Stripe Fair Isle Jumper, €40, Topshop 

Blue Vanilla Black Rainbow Sequin Yoke Jumper, €49.99, New Look 

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