We got our hands on all the products from new brand CYO and this is what we're loving

We love a new beauty launch so we were thrilled when we heard Boots were launching a new brand, CYO. They're all about the multi-use product, mixing and layering which sounds totally up our street tbh. Their #MIXLAYERHACK mantra sounds great for this time of year. Perfect for travelling and great to throw in your bag for touch ups during the day. No one wants to haul loads of things around so anything that makes out life easier we're interested in. The idea is that you can build the products for different looks, use them all in multiple ways and hack your way to a look that's all your own. It's also a really affordable range, with nothing coming in over the €9.50 mark. Too good to be true? Well we put them to the test to find out!

Lipstick & Liner - Two Clever By Half

We find matching our lip liner and lipstick is more hassle than it's worth sometimes but we were totally sold as soon as we tried this. We lined our entire lip before layering the lipstick over and it looked fab and didn't budge. AT ALL. We tried this out at after work drinks and besides getting loads of compliments it lasted the whole evening without having to reapply once! Our new number one, we've stocked up on a few shades of this already.

€9, CYO @ Boots

Bronzing Shimmer Oil

A few U girls gave this a whirl and interestingly, all used it in totally different ways. Which is kind of the point we suppose so we're impressed! Some used it as an all over glow-giver, some mixed it with their body moisturiser for a subtle shimmer and others used it a a makeup highlighter. Everyone reported that they loved the scent and there was no colour transfer so another winner here. 

€9, CYO @ Boots

All Eyes & Cheeks Cream Shadow & Blush in Only Words

This weather has made us totally change up our makeup game, and while we had been happily using a powder blush before it just wasn't sitting right in the heat. This cream blush was the perfect solution. The peachy shade is perfect for injecting a bit of life into our faces without the need for lashing on loads of bronzer. 


Contour Stick

Full disclosure - we gave this to a gal who is so not the contour type. We had to get a real reaction, ok? And.....she loved it! While she usually shies away from contouring as she's not really into that overly made-up look, she said that this was way less scary and could be as subtle or full on as you like, depending on how much you layer it. 

€7, CYO @ Boots

Blotting Tissues

These we're giving us serious '90s flashbacks when they landed on our desks. They're super fun and were great for mattifying our sweaty faces. They didn't quite do the job full on powder, but then powder doesn't feel quite right now anyway. A good Summer buy we think. 

€5, CYO @ Boots

The Verdict

For a new kid on the block we were super impressed with CYO. We loved the #MIXLAYERHACK concept and were pleasantly surprised that the products that we tried delivered on all fronts. A few things have made it into our permanent makeup bag already and at those prices we have no guilt about trying some more. 


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