Virgo? You’re in for an interesting day!


This Wednesday looks like a good time to do some travelling or take a trip. You might even meet a new acquaintance or possibly start a new, educational course. Today is also the time to have a look at your life and in particular any areas of it that you feel might need a bit of an overhaul. The next month should be focused on winding down a little.



If you have done your research, then you could have lots of chance to realise your ambitions or achieve your goals. However, it is a good idea to re-think your schedule and instead of rushing for a finish, enjoy the whole experience instead. Today you could also sort out any financial issues, such as tax or insurance.



Meetings should be had and decisions should be made today, but remember that they will be important and require your complete concentration. Your career and any financial issues you may be having will come into focus, so it’s a good time to really think about your priorities. If you feel like you’re getting mixed messages from someone then address them with logical thinking.



Prepare for problems by forming a plan before you start and try to stick with it throughout the day. This guideline will help keep you calm and focused regardless of the situation. When talking to a partner or someone close, the chances are their opinion will not be the same as yours and you may feel like a lot has changed lately without you having time to adjust properly.



Creative projects or learning something new, all look hopeful for today. If you’re considering telling a little white lie to get ahead, remember to follow the rules and otherwise it could all come back to bite you in the, you know what. Teamwork may not go as smoothly as you would like Leo, but try not to take things personally and at face value.

Someone close could be a little off-form today and possibly more sensitive than normal. This will have a direct impact on you and you might notice that your attitude is dependent on, not only your feelings, but also theirs. Don’t let domestic chaos get in your way and don’t allow family members to change your plans.



If issues regarding your career, or finances for that matter, have been a bit all over the place of late, then rediscovering what you want in life and where you would like to go, will give you a sense of stability and reassurance. This will also apply to any ambitions you have; whether they are big or small, you will never achieve them unless you try.

The morning will allow you to get organised and think with a clear head. Take advantage of this time and make a plan for the coming weeks, particularly where your finances are concerned. Don’t let a bad attitude stop you from forming a close relationship with someone; a change in your perspective and having some empathy always helps.

Your interest in things such as news, conversation and other diverse topics will become more and more prominent as the day goes on, Sagittarius and you might realise that something interesting to concentrate on is just what you’re missing at the moment. Any personal issues that are causing you anxiety should not be dwelt on for too long, as you don’t want to let them take over.

Your bargaining and negotiation skills will be very handy today, particularly if you’re planning on spending money on household items. You could also have a look at your expenses and see if  there’s a way you could save a little more to treat yourself a bit more often, to life’s little luxuries.

Perhaps looking elsewhere to make friends or finding new people to spend your time with, will enable you to speak more clearly and express yourself. While your emotions won’t exactly help you here, you know your own mind and the types of people you wish to communicate with. Also, use your strengths to your advantage over the coming days, as this will help you to get where you want to go.



The first half of the day is the perfect time for Pisces to get used to a new working environment or address a personal task. Remember that it’s OK to ask for help, and don’t always rely on your own intuition to get something done. You might also be inspired to work on some ideas you have been thinking about recently.