It looks like you have been really inspired by those in your social circle and may you may feel closer to one friend than another. If relations with family members are not so good, use the confidence this friend has given you to reach out and make amends. Also, now is the time to make plans to ensure your future safety.


You may finally find a solution to something that has been bothering you and hopefully notice a fresh determination to take hold of the direction your life is taking. Now is the perfect opportunity to set new and bold goals and put the plans in motion in how to achieve them.


If your social life is starting to become a less social and more stressful, it might be wise to take a step back and have some ‘me time’. Everyday life will continue as normal but stopping to catch your breath could bring with it new ideas and awareness. You may also find yourself toying with the idea of moving to a new city or country!


Calm, cool and collected is what you need to remain if you find yourself in unexpected circumstances. The first half of the day is the time to address these situations with a somewhat, unconventional approach. If faced with someone determined to get their own way, try not to act on impulse and politely state your view.


2015 might have been a little rough as it may brought with it change, that you didn’t feel ready for. Today though, you could find yourself approaching these situations with a new enthusiasm that will really move things along. Listen to what others have to say and take their ideas into consideration.


Try to not let yourself get disheartened with the events that today brings, they are most likely short-lived and remember that luck is on your side. A shift of focus could lead you to new possibilities and fresh potential.




If you’ve been dealing with pressurised situations lately, then a little pampering like a massage or spa treatment could do you the world of good. You might find that keeping things bottled up and not saying how you really feel is partly to blame.


Single Leo Pringles, fear not! The next month could see you becoming more proactive in meeting someone new. To make way for this, become a domestic goddess at home and take sections of your house that could to with some attention under your control.


Be vigilant today, as you may be deceived or misinformed in some way. A midweek get-together could be the perfect ‘hump day’ solution to take your mind off the serious and allow you to have fun. Find enjoyable ways to keep fit and eat healthy which keep you motivated.


You may dream up your best ideas in the morning, but be cautious as they could also be the most dangerous and poorly though out. If you are feeling overwhelmed and like you are being pulled in every direction lately, remain confident in your own abilities.


Today you could find yourself juggling with intense and sometimes conflicting wishes. Your feelings and actions regarding something important might become more passionate, maybe even a little too passionate. If so, challenge the part of you that tends to be cagey.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like today is going to be your day. Avoid being drawn into schemes and acting deceitful towards others – a little self-discipline never hurts. You may feel like you could benefit from someone’s comforting presence, but don’t wait around for them, reach out and be more engaging.