A holiday or business trip, that may not have been your first choice, will nonetheless be an enjoyable experience and may lead you to establishing right contacts with the right people. If you are in need of some encouragement, remember your unique strengths and qualities.


Now is the time for all things ‘new’, like joining a class or starting a project. Today you will find it easier to make quick decisions and to put your words into actions. If you have some new ideas, go with them!


Don’t be alarmed if life is throwing a few curveballs your way, it may just mean that you need to work long and hard to get where you want to go. Go with your gut today and this action may lead to chance meetings and new opportunities.


If you are a morning person, use this opportunity to get things done while others are still sleeping. Are you in the habit of putting on a brave face to convince others (and yourself) that you are managing to cope? Remember there isn’t any weakness in opening up about how you feel.


Dicey endeavours look like they could prove worthwhile today. Use this as an opportunity to widen your social circle or get in touch with family who live far away. You may find that friends appear extra supportive and talking things over will leave you feeling refreshed.


Is there something troubling you that you are trying to figure out, yet friends are encouraging you not to worry so much? Trust your instincts to try and come to a conclusion about your worries, without becoming too obsessed with the result. If faced with a situation that contradicts your beliefs, try and come to a compromise.


The faster you get paid for a job, the more incentive there is to do it. This is a good time for domestic chores that also involve other family members. If you feel like lately you have been struggling to get through to someone, rely on the clairvoyant within you, which will provide encouragement.


Are you struggling to get things done and feel like you are constantly getting interrupted? It looks like you will have to accept that things do not always run as smoothly as we would like. When the expectation to be perfect goes, so will some of the pressure. Put your energy into more rewarding activities.


A new project or exciting activity could see you willing to pour all your energy into making it successful. However try not to expect immediate results, slow down and give each task the attention it requires. Also, a seemingly mundane task may prove to be more exciting that you expect!


It looks like today will be a good one, especially for those of you born in September. Step back and let circumstances and people move towards shared benefits, while you take advantage of your luck. If you find you have been feeling ‘totes emosh’ as of late, keep going until you’re out the other side.


Even though you’re fully capable of success all on your own, if someone is offering their advice or help, take it, for even greater achievements. If a new opportunity presents itself, stop yourself from over-thinking it. Take a leap of faith (and a step forward while you’re at it!)


Today promises success in business and developments in your outlook on life. If you were born in November your career could be about to advance for the better. Don’t forget to pay attention to the things that pop into your head as you go about your business, as they may provide the answers you were looking for.