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Send it like Bella...Bella Hadid on Instagram

iPhone users beware.  

It's 2019 and we'd all be lying if we said we weren't fully customised to the game that is sending nudes. You send them, you receive them and hey - they may even leave you feeling hot and bothered. Some see them to be private, special pictures they share exclusively to the ones they love and then some think it's okay to send you a whole gallery of their d*ck pics without ever meeting you (Note: don't do that).

And then come days when you've left your bae to believe you're ready to full-on start to get down and dirty when the reality is you're just lying on the couch making your way through your fifth bag of Doritos. Yes, you could get up off the couch and take a fresh nude ORRRRR you can just recycle an old nude. Y'know that one from three years ago when the lighting gives you the bum fold of your dreams and your boobs look like they were created by a surgeon? 

Well, we hate to tell you but your days of fooling your bae that those nudes are fresh are o-v-e-r...if you're an iPhone user that is.

Think of the iPhone camera roll as having the strongest form of OCD imaginable as it saves all images you take on your phone according to the date it was taken. Duh says you, well what your forgetting about is that logic is applied to other phones too.

So let's say you take a nude back in September 2018, well when you resend it to your new bae and they download that snap, it automatically saves to the September 2018 folder. Crap, right? 

Don't believe us? Try it yourself. Get your friend to send you a month old snap of their dog (they'll obviously say yes without asking questions), then go into your camera roll and try to find the picture. You won't be able to do unless you do some serious scrolling. 

Sorry guys but someone had to let it be known...

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