Patience is a virtue - especially when it comes to trying out a new skincare regime.

According to a top aesthetician, your skin cycle is directly correlated with your age. 

While at the FounderMade expo, a trade show for emerging beauty and wellness companies, I met Katie Sobleman. Alongside running her binge-worthy skincare YouTube channel and blog "The Organic Aesthetician", Sobelman is a brand ambassador for Carter and Jane, whose newly launched product "The Everything Oil" is already receiving rave reviews.

Naturally, our conversation revolved around skincare - specifically, me ranting about a slew of breakouts all over my chin. As always, I couldn't figure out whether the spots were a result of stress, diet, or a product I was using. I had just started using a new serum around the same time as the pimple saga began, but I was slow to banish it to the back of my bathroom cabinet just yet because, you know, money...

My mind was blown when Sobelman asked me my age, and explained that it would take roughly that amount of days for my skin to adapt to a new regime. (!!) While some products claim to give you results instantly - and God, am I a sucker for good marketing - it evidently should take 26 days for me to see it delivering on its promises.

I delved into it her nugget of skincare wisdom a little more and discovered that while the skin consists of three layers of tissues, it's only the extremely thin outer layer (the epidermis) that contains the dead skin cells.

According to Skin Authority, these cells are replaced by new cells created in the lower layers. These new cells will eventually move to the outside of the skin, before ultimately hardening and dying too. 

The website explains that this "cycle" slows as we age. Ergo, a newborn's skin cycle is only a day or so old (!!hence the saying "smooth as a baby's bottom"!!) The average, middle-aged adult's skin cycle will be around 28 days, and about 45-60 days for those in their 40s and 50s.

"As this process slows, dead cells accumulate on the surface of skin causing sagging and collapse of structure or what we see as lines, wrinkles, and deeper folds. Bacteria can become trapped causing blemishes and breakouts. Discolored and irregular cells can also become trapped causing spots, discoloration, and sometimes more serious skin conditions."

So, what can you do to maintain optimum skin health at any age? Well, as you can imagine, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a regular skincare routine that addresses your specific concerns, and limiting things like smoking and sun exposure will ensure that the fresh skin cells make you seem as 'baby-faced' as possible. 

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