We bet she\'s never seen a ring quite like it!

We bet she's never seen a ring quite like it!IMAGE: Sweet Home Alabama

For the entirely broke, the eternally cheap, or the ‘I don’t know what ring to get them!’ there is now *drumroll* The Bling Ring. 

Right, so we know that when you get engaged it’s the person doing the asking that’s the important thing, BUT, a bit of bling usually comes with the big question.

"Got it in Dealz, hun."

Lots of people have a dream ring in mind, whether it's diamond so big it'd blind you or some minimalist number covered in emeralds or some such. Well now UK discount store, Poundland (which trades as Dealz here in Ireland) has come up with another option. And it costs €1.50. Yep, one euro fifty. 

The Bling Ring/Poundland

The Bling Ring/Poundland

Getting your engagement ring from a pound shop might not at first seem, eh, ideal but these guys have it sussed, trust us. The Bling Ring – available in five colours and in ‘gold’ or ‘silver’ – comes with the tag line: Because we promise they’ll want to choose their own. Which is basically a slice of marketing genius.

The news has caused a complete kerfuffle online and the company confirmed to The Mirror newspaper that the rings will be going on sale in Irish Dealz stores too.

With Valentine's Day just weeks away, it's expected there's going to be huge demand for the rings - which are being called place holders by the store. Basically they're intentionally cheap so you can do the asking then go get the real ring. (That might have to be explained quite clearly on Feb 14th if you're planing to propose though!) 

Also they just might be the best girlos presents plan for V Day if you're all flying solo. 

Maybe that’s what Ariana was at last year, when she bought all her besties rings following her break up with Pete Davidson.... do they have Poundland in the US? 

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