all the cool girls have them.

all the cool girls have them.

Fake it till you make it. 

Remember when you were younger and the one item at the top of your wishlist was Dior's iconic logo saddle bag? Well, it's time to bring that handbag back to the top of your must-buys because it's officially the naughties again.

If you didn't get the memo, vintage designer handbags are so hot for 2019. Anyone who is anyone on Instagram has their hands on one. Even Kylie Jenner's daughter, (who btw, is only 11 months old.) Stormi has a vintage Louis Vuitton bag.  

You probably thought (wished) that the noughties trend was finally going to be put to bed for 2019 where in fact, it's only just getting started. While vintage Louis Vuitton bags are a bit more up the Kardashian's street, Dior saddle bags are the apple of your favourite influencer's eye. 

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The classic bag was everywhere back in the day and it was cemented further into the decade when it became Carrie Bradshaw's go-to handbag.

The Sun

The Sun

The now cool again saddle bag will set you back €2,141 (and that's only for the mini, the full size is €2,580). Before you go and remortgage your house, ASOS are saving the day as they've designed their own version of the bag. The only noticeable difference (bar the missing Dior logo) is that the bag is made from a faux leather as opposed to the jacquard canvas used by Dior. 

Quilted Shoulder Asymmetric Bag In Monogram Print, €27.65, ASOS 

That, and the fact the dupe is a fraction of the cost. The ASOS asymmetric shoulder bag is retailing for just €27.65 meaning you're saving €2552.35, now we call that a win. 

First, it was cycling shorts. Now, it's saddlebags. We're wondering what the next naughties trend will be to come back and haunt us. (Disc belts, we're looking at you!)

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