The best of Irish at The Sugar Club

The best of Irish at The Sugar Club

Your weekend doesn't have to end at 5 o'clock on a Sunday, y'know - make the most of all of it! 


If you’re a 9-5er, or if Monday mornings involves you doing, well, anything much really, chances are you are familiar with ‘The Sunday Fear’. Where once it was the youthful dread of not having your homework done where there’s school in the morning, now it’s a different deal. It can be anything from, “I hate my job, how is it almost Monday again already?”, to “Dear jeebus, why did I do all those shots last night? It’ll take three days to recover.” Giving up your Sunday evening to the Fear shortens the weekend, and is a waste of good down time, quite frankly.


Do you know what’s great for chasing away The Sunday Fear? Going out on a Sunday! It seems wrong but it’s so right: an event, or gig, of a Sunday evening takes the edge of the end-of-the-weekend feeling. This week sees the launch of a new series of events in Dublin’s Sugar Club that will fit the bill nicely. Down in the City: An Alternative Sunday Service is a mixed bag of music, readings, banter and songs with a line up featuring some of Ireland’s most innovative performers and creative types.

It kicks off on Sunday 15 April with famed Irish folksters, Scullion (Sonny Condell, Philip King and Robbie Overson), The Gloaming’s Iarla Ó Lionáird, and poet Paula Meehan. It promise to be a brilliant night – and here are further events lined up for May and June too.

Tickets are €25 per show including booking fee, and you can get them from The Sugar Club