Because ain\'t nobody got time for washing their hair every day...

Because ain't nobody got time for washing their hair every day...Getty Images

Dry shampoo is life, dry shampoo is bae. 

We honestly don't know where we would be today without the invention of dry shampoo. Couldn't be bothered washing your hair? dry shampoo. Need a little extra volume? dry shampoo. Hair washing cycle didn't sync up to your going out plans? dry shampoo. 

We use dry shampoo so much so that if you were to pat our heads, a cloud of powder would arise from our scalp. Sexy, right? It truly is a godsend for us oily haired ladies and us lazy gals too. So when we heard there's a dry shampoo hack that actually means you'll get even longer out of your unwashed hair, we fell off our chairs. 

The internet (aka Reddit) is a goldmine when it comes to learning new beauty tips and tricks so when we stumbled upon the latest dry shampoo hack that can make your hair last an extra four days, we got very very excited. According to Reddit users, blasting a hairdryer after your spray dry shampoo is key to making it go the extra mile AND for vanishing that grey residue. 

Simply spritz the dry shampoo into your roots as normal, wait a minute for it to settle. Then, use your hairdryer on your roots for 30 seconds while brushing it out.  The hack helps distribute the product away from your scalp and into the mid lengths. It also gives you added volume and removes any kind of grey hue. Another user commented that shaking your hair while you blow dry it helps with distributing the product even further. 

We tried the hack earlier this week, and it works. The reason is simple, blasting heat onto the dry shampoo helps bake the product into your hair. Brushing it out while you blow dry your hair also ensures that every smidgen of grease is soaked up leaving you with freshly  *washed* hair.

Haven't washed your hair in four days? We never would have known...

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