As of November 2018, 1830 women were recorded as being homeless in Dublin. 

Dublin’s only dedicated service for marginalised homeless women will close this year following complaints by local residents about antisocial behaviour, The Times Ireland reports

The Abigail Women’s Centre on Kildonan Road, Finglas opened in December 2014 and includes a “wet hostel”, catering for alcoholic homeless people, as well as a centre for recently released prisoners.

According to the centre's website, the facility offers "a range of rehabilitation and stabilisation interventions designed to engage with residents and create sustainable pathways out of homelessness."

Clients of the 40-bed hostel face issues such as family breakdown, physical and sexual abuse, alcohol and substance misuse, mental health issues and a history of homelessness. 

It's understood that the centre is set to close following complaints made by local residents. The Times Ireland reports that locals have complained about antisocial behaviour, noise at night and the increase in the number of residents.

This isn't the first time the centre has risked closure due to neighbourhood complaints. Back in 2015, a committee formed in the area for the sole purpose of shutting down the centre, as locals revealed that they felt “trapped” in their homes.

The committee – which had the full support of the West Finglas Tenants and Residents Association (WFTRA) – released a statement saying that the “People in Finglas fully appreciate that Dublin has a very serious homeless problem, but as we already have a homeless shelter in Finglas West we believe one is more than enough”.

They noted that there is already a significant drug problem in this area. The group wants Dublin City Council to find an alternative use for the centre “before irreparable damage is done to our area”.

It's understood that the centre is to be shut at some stage during 2019. A representative of the centre has been contacted and we are awaiting response. 

As of November 2018, 4129 homeless adults were recorded in Dublin. 

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